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Brinks is the largest provider of armored transportation service in US, 70,000 employees, 285 vaults, 246 branches, a global leader in security service. 150 years of history. 900 net- worked offices in over 110 countries.

CTG as one of few certified integration company has served over 180 US branches. From DVR migration, data room management, turret guard room upgrade and improve visual station with DVR & camera integration.

Cash Transit Operation, Vault Operation, Cash Pro- cessing & Coin Operation. High Value Logistics opera- tion.

CTG designed and completed over 9 new construction branches including Global Ser- vice at the heart of diamond district at Manhattan, NY.

CTG installed, serviced over 180 US branches and managed 47 branches 24/7.


With over 950 retail branches in over 100 airports, across 24 countries. 35 years of experi- ence under belt, Travelex is becoming stronger in both retail and commercial market. Just sold small division to Western Union at 1 Billion dollars.

Travelex operates two main vault in North America, Louis- ville, KY and Toronto, Canada.

Current system consist of Intel- lex HDVR with 32 analog and 32 IP cameras on 40TB back up appliance. Lenel access control is not engineered properly to manager tailgaters when enter- ing facility while HDVR limits notification when critical condi- tion arises leaving management unaware of situation.

CTG plan to integrate CCTV and Access Control as a uni- form platform and to aid in se- curity engineering when recon- struction takes place to enhance physical security. Work with Travelex security team in Eng- land to establish security proto- col and guard training to protect facility while offering safer work environment for staffs.

CTG is responsible to manage and maintain entire facility 24x7, 4 hr. respond time in case of security system failure.


LG Electronics Mobilecomm USA

LG Electronics Mobilecomm USA (which does business as LG Mobile Phones) manufactures and markets cell phones, portable wireless-enabled PCs, and related accessories. Operates US custom warehouse in Bolingbrook, IL as a main hub to assemble and to distribute. When IP video migration took place, CTG installed fiber optic back- bone, cat6 cabling entire facility along with 100TB storage server to manage video from 3MP LG IP cameras.

Bolingbrook, IL

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